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Last Update : 2008/6/20
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Lake Powell  (Click for enlarged view 36K)
Upon strong request by a very influencial member of our party, we made a stop at Page for Lake Powell. Being in mountain and desert for such a long time, it was quite refreshing to see a lot of water.

Yet it got costs (of potential opportunities).

(1) We were soooo close to Mesa Verde National Park from Kayenta that we could added one more National Park for the trip.
(2) We later visited Petrified Forest National Park. At there we wished that we had more time so we could visit gift shops for beautiful petrified wood..
(3) We totally missed the sunset of that day at Sedona.
(4) Even worse, we missed our dinner at Sedona.
Lake Powell
This place was all about water. You need a boat (or whatever floats) to enjoy. For example, the near-by (or maybe not so near) Rainbow Bridge could only be reached from water and there didn't seem to be any road to reach to.
Lake Powell
Even though the blue-ish water looked cool, it was just an illusion that deceived. It was Arizona's July and I couldn't imagine the life without air condition.
Lake Powell
Lake Powell
Page Overlook
Seeing those snail-like cars towing boat that crawled along the desert mountain highway ? Bet they were all heading here.
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