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Last Update : 2008/6/20
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Monument Valley  (Click for enlarged view 40K)
Our plan was to reach Monument Valley for the sunset. Due to our greedy mind with extra stop in Natural Bridge, the objective became a little more challenging. We chased the sun all the way from Utah to Arizona, and finally got to the famous location for dazzling sunset view. Great drive !
Monument Valley 
Utah Rt 261
Utah Rt 261
The downhill section of Utah 261 is a good place to test your nerve. Your life is relied on the stability of driver's hand and the reliability of modern automobile manufacturing. It might be my illusion but I though I saw a wreckage of what used to be a car down the cliff.

However, the view was so beautiful. This picture was shot inside the car (Remember ? we were in a hurry and we didn't have time to stop).
Monument Valley Mexican Hat
Mexican Hat
Mexican Hat. Yes, yes, I know this bridge could be pictured more beautifully and it did deserve better attention. What would you expect from a picture taken inside a fast-moving car ?
Monument Valley
Monument Valley
Technically speaking, we did not actually enter the Monument Valley. We ran out of time and eventually stopped at the best location we could find at the best time, and it happened to be the state line between Utah and Arizona off Rt 163. I couldn't say that it was "the best", but at least it was optimal for the time.
Monument Valley
Monument Valley  Sunset
You probably have see a lot of western movies filmed in this famous location. It did seem to be right if some cowboys rode across the scene. Sorry, in reality there were only cars and trucks. I spent a lot of efforts to take my aim in order to dodge the RV's and gift shops along the baseline.
Monument Valley  Sunset  (Click for enlarged view 26K)
We should go inside the Monument Valley but time did not allow. Nevertheless, the sunset and the scene still looked magnificent.
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