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Mt Rushmore

Bryce Canyon

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Saguaro Phoenix Sedona Grand Canyon Zion Bryce Canyon Lake Powell Capitol Reef Arches Canyonlands Natural Bridges Monument Valley Petrified Forest No, we did not visit here. Just showing how close we missed it. Las Vegas
 Arizona Utah National Parks - Trip Plan
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About our trip 7/3/2004 to 7/9/2004
Visiting eight National Parks in a week ? How about traveling around the world in 80 days ?

Well, we actually did it. I can't say that I've got the spirit of each park. However, We did not just "pass through" each park. Having been to a lot of places in these parks, we are able to tell some stories about them.

The plan started simple and humble: visit Grand Canyon during July Fourth vacation. We found that other people usually include Zion and Bryce Canyon in the Canyon tour. We also found that Capitol Reef, Arches and Canyonlands were all within our striking distance. Finally we made a seven-day plan for six national parks. Aggresive, but definitely doable.

No plan is "as-is" in real life. We reserved a decent full-size car for the whole family. When we were offered an upgrade to this one

It was difficult to resist the temptation.

I soon found that the arrival time for each point was greatly earlier than expected. After the original plan was completed, we extended our coverage a little farther and visited another two national parks. Ends up we have been to all the national parks in Arizona and Utah.

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