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Last Update : 2008/6/20
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Acadia National Park - Sunrise
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Acadia National Park Sunrise at Bar Harbor  (Click for enlarged view 32K)
Technically speaking, it was Bar Harbor's sunrise. As what you would expect, the sunrise view on ocean side was like a dream. Or maybe it was really a dream..

I was waken up at around 4:30 AM for sunrise. Fortunately, we just needed to walk a short distance to get the view (we stayed in ocean side Bar Harbor Inn). With camera in one hand and camcorder in another, we went to our target.
Acadia National Park Four minutes later  (Click for enlarged view 33K)
We sat on the lawn and set up our equipments. With the camcorder running by itself, I took pictures occationally.
Acadia National Park Six minutes later  (Click for enlarged view 30K)
You might think that there is not much difference between this one and the first one. Maybe true. When I edited the recorded video, I was.. well, a little bored. I used fast forward more often than usual.
Acadia National Park 18 minutes later  (Click for enlarged view 28K)
Finally, the sun rose 20 minutes after we woke up. Part of my brain was still not functioning well yet and some caffeine would be necessary if I plan to use it.
Acadia National Park Another view  (Click for enlarged view 40K)
It was quiet. The ocean sound was quite soothing. We heard some other hotel guests behind us were also watching the sunrise. We sat dead ahead between them and the sun.. It's great for getting up early.

Mission completed. Since I didn't get the caffeine supply yet, we decided to.. go to bed until coffee shop opened.
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