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Acadia National Park - Sunset
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Acadia National Park Sunset at sea near Bar Harbor  (Click for enlarged view 38K)
The weather during our stay in Acadia was far from ideal. It was so heavily clouded that we even worried that it might be raining. Most of the pictures we took looked dead and lack the azure we expected. However, the big surprise was waiting for us at sea..
Acadia National Park 
Bar Harbor This was taken when we just departed. The only positive comment I could have about the picture was probably that the shape of the clouds was characteristic.
Yet it began to turn around as the sun approaching the horizon. When the sun finally broke off the clouds, the sky suddenly became a canvas waiting to be painted.
Acadia National Park Sunset at sea  (Click for enlarged view 44K)
The surface of the sea, although not smoothly textured, reflected the sun like dozens of diamonds.
Acadia National Park Sunset  (Click for enlarged view 63K)
The setting sun was hiding behind the islands (as our ship moved) for a brief moment.
Acadia National Park Sunset  (Click for enlarged view 34K)
The color of the sky kept changing moment by moment just like kaleidoscope.
Acadia National Park Sunset  (Click for enlarged view 39K)
Acadia National Park Sunset  (Click for enlarged view 45K)
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