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Last Update : 2008/6/20
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Acadia National Park - Mt Desert Island
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Acadia National Park Off Park Loop Road  (Click for enlarged view 69K)
The park loop road is surrounding the main park area on the south east of Mount Desert Island. One amazing thing is that on this relatively short road you can see all kinds of natural scene - rocky coastline, ocean overlooking islands, sand beach, lakes, mountain and forest.
Acadia National Park Bar Harbor
Acadia National Park Bar Harbor 
I have been to Acadia for several times. The most recent visit was on early June 2004. It was still early in the season. While it was cool and comfortable in day time, it became cold at night. When we sat in ocean front patio for lunch, the cool breeze soon brought away our body heat that we had to put on more clothes.
Acadia National Park Park Loop Overlook  (Click for enlarged view 78K)
Acadia National Park Another scene from Park Loop  (Click for enlarged view 29K)
Most of these stops don't have a name. The weather was not good enough the day we visited. It was too cloudy and the sky lacked the deep blue hue. However, the clouds later made beautiful sunset scene.
Acadia National Park From Cadillac Mountain  (Click for enlarged view 36K)
Cadillac mountain, being elevated at 1530 feet, is the highes point in the park. You can see the first sunrise in the United States here from October to early March. I have never had the experience. However, I did see the night sky there and it was like thousands of jewels scattered on black velvet.
Acadia National Park Woods surrounding Jordan Pond  (Click for enlarged view 93K)
There is a restaurant beside Jordan Pond, which is the only in-park restaurant. The chicken sandwich I had was surprisingly good. We sat on lake-facing seats enjoying our lunch. In fact the restaurant's building and interior was also very elegant and beautiful.
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