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Last Update : 2008/6/20
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Acadia National Park - Bar Harbor
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Acadia National Park Bar Harbor Inn  (Click for enlarged view 61K)
Bar Harbor is very close to the entrances of Acadia. It has lots of hotels and restaurants. We stayed in Bar Harbor Inn located at ocean front with fantastic view. It's one of our all-time favorite.
Acadia National Park Ocean Side  (Click for enlarged view 59K)
Bar Harbor is also the hub for all kinds of recreational activities. You can rent mountain bikes and spend a couple hours in the forest, or join a ship tour for whale watching (or whatever watching). At the end of the day you can indulge yourself with clam bakes (also called lobster bakes) and finished the meal with a blueberry pie.

I have also enjoyed the local micro brew. The Bar Harbor Real Ale tasted clean and refreshing. It went along very well with the local sea food. In fact it is much better than mass-production white wines in complimenting see food.
Acadia National Park 
Bar Harbor Acadia National Park 
Bar Harbor
Acadia National Park 
Sailing to the sea
Acadia National Park Sailing to the sea
We sailed to the sea at 6:00 PM on this ship. This four-masted schooner was quite a beauty in shape and structure. The diesel engine was shut off once it was far enough from land. All of a sudden the sounds heard were ocean wave and the wind flapping the sails.
Acadia National Park Dusk at Bar Harbor  (Click for enlarged view 17K)
The dusk on the harbor was.. well, see it yourself. Imagine sitting by ocean front window and watching the sunset scene like this while having elegant and delicious food, Sipping wine and listening to live piano music that filled in the air. Don't you think that it is what good life all about ?
Acadia National Park Dusk at Bar Harbor  (Click for enlarged view 57K)
I have not seen such beautiful dusk scene for a long time.
Acadia National Park Dusk at Bar Harbor - moments later  (Click for enlarged view 41K)
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