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Last Update : 2008/6/20
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Arches National Park - Windows Section
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Arches National Park 
South Window Sunset
Arches National Park South Window Sunset
We went to Windows section just on the right time. By "right time" I mean that we could rush to the three arches for picture before it became too dark.

In fact we captured a great sunset moment here. The red rocks, arches and colorful sunset sky together defined "beauty". It was surrealistic.
Arches National Park 
North and South Windows
Arches National Park North and South Windows
North and South Windows looked very funny from this view. It looked like a mask with eyes (the arches) and nose.
Arches National Park Windows Section  (Click for enlarged view 29K)
Arches National Park 
Windows Section
The cloud at sunset time was colored to rosy-orange.
Arches National Park South Window  (Click for enlarged view 73K)
Arches National Park Sunset  (19K)
We walked, looked around and took pictures. Our conscious told us that we should leave and got something to eat before too late. Our sensibility side urged us to stay for more pictures.
Arches National Park 
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