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Devils Postpile

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Last Update : 2008/6/20
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Arches National Park - Devils Garden
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Arches National Park Landscape Arch  (Click for enlarged view 62K)
The morning of July Sixth we went back to Arches to explore the Devils Garden section. We planned to get up early to avoid high temperature. As usual, it did not happen. We finally got to Devils Garden at around 10:30 AM. At trail head we saw some people resting under shades. We didn't know whether they had already completed the journey, or just abandoned.
Arches National Park 
Devils Garden
Arches National Park Devils Garden
A stroll in Devils Garden ? It sounded cool, but the reality was very very hot. Fortunately we carried enough water so we were not evaporated.
Arches National Park 
Devils Garden
Arches National Park Devils Garden
I started with the ambition to reach the double-O Arch. After a sweaty and futile struggle, I decided to make a U-turn.
Arches National Park 
Devils Garden
Arches National Park Devils Garden  as far as I reached
This was the nearest point I reached for double-O. The time was 11:30. I got a strange illusion that I was melting down. Or maybe that was not an illusion at all..
Arches National Park 
Wall Arch 
Arches National Park Wall Arch
The most beautiful Arch in Devils Garden was Landscape Arch. At least, it was the most striking one I saw. Most of these Arches were very difficult to aim and fit into picture. In most cases the distance was too short for the best angle. I bet that you couldn't find a good picture anywhere for, say, the Navajo Arch. I have been there so I know. I tried to aim but eventually gave up.
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