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Las Vegas Venetian What is your impression of Las Vegas? Getting rich overnight? Spending huge amount of money in a blink?

Las Vegas is in the heart of desert surrounding by nothing but sand. It is a miracle - a miracle built by money.

Only in this city you can see a Pyramid sitting next to New York City skyscrapers across a street as well as Eiffel tower overlooking Venice. You won’t see this in other place on earth. If you spend enough money, nothing is impossible. Pure Capitalism.

You are wrong if you think that I am against Las Vegas. I love this place!
We were there on 2003 Christmas holiday season. When we planned our trip, our only goal was to stay in Venetian. We knew they spent lots of money in the new hotel.

Las Vegas Venetian

For example, the above picture (which is the painting on ceiling) was replicated from the original painting in Italy. Dozens of painters worked for a year to finish it. Another miracle created by the hotel was that they built a canal inside the building to inmitate the atmpsphere of Venice. They even have Gondolas for tourist to enjoy. On either side of the canal are retail shops of fashions and made-in-Italy gifts. The detailed design and the light and shade of the cloudy-sky illusion could make you believe that you are actually in Venice. Well, at least after a couple glassed of wine you will sincerely believe it. In fact, you will believe that it is heaven after more wine.

We indulged ourself in this man-made heaven for seven days.

Just one tip: try any Italian gourmet or wine but the dolce (sweet) sparkling wine. We had a bottle of such diseaster hence the advise.
Las Vegas Venetian
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