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Cleveland Marriott
Cleveland Airport Marriott
It doesn't really make a lot of sense to stay in this hotel. However, the price was very reasonable and it was located on our way for the trip. We prefer to stay in nice hotel whenever possible (if the price is reasonable). It offers not just good room but also good restaurants. We can easily have a nice dinner, order wine and don't need to worry about driving.
Cleveland Marriott Jack's Steakhouse
Dinner at Jack's STeakhouse, Cleveland Airport Marriott
We had dinner at Jack's Steakhouse inside the hotel. The food was very good. This link has the Restaurant Menu. Dinner menu is at the bottom of the page.
Cleveland Jack's Steakhouse Blackened Ribeye Cleveland Jack's Steakhouse Herb Seared Mahi
Blackened Ribeye Herb Seared Mahi
Cleveland Jack's Steakhouse Jerk Seared Salmon Cleveland Jack's Steakhouse Port Tenderloin Medallions
Jerk Seared Salmon Pork Tenderloin Medallions
Ribeye steak is relatively soft in texture. Usually the cut is boneless but the restaurant uses bone-in steak. The outside was blackened by charcoal with firm texture while the inside was tender and juicy. Topped With the port reduction sauce. Tasted great.

Mahi was pan seared. The fish filet was nice but the risotto was too heavy to my taste.

The salmon was seared to perfection with interesting orange-vanilla based sauce. Very delicious.

The pork loin was also very special and interedting. It had blue cheese crusted shell. I liked it. However, blue cheese had strong flavor and this dish was probably not for everybody.

We ordered a twenty-something dollars Australian Shiraz. The wine was just ok.

After finishing the entrees we decided to order their famous Chocolate Martini as desert. It has nothing to do with alcohol or Martini, just the chocolate filled in a Martini glass. Usually I don't like chocolate as it is too sweet. This one was an exception.

This restaurant might not be that good and I have no doubt that Cleveland has better restaurants. However, we all appreciated the dinner after spending the afternoon in Cuyahoga Valley with rain.

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