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Last Update : 2008/6/20
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Bright Angel Point  (Click for enlarged view 85K)
After a long drive from Phoenix, we finally arrived at Grand Canyon South Rim visitor center at around 5:00 PM. The miles-long line of cars in front of entrance station reminded me of the rush hour Holland Tunnel in New York. Anyway, it was July Third and a lot of people were on vacation.

After checked in to Yavapai Lodge, we headed to the Hermit road shuttle station immediately.

This picture was taken at Bright Angel Point right before the entrance of Hermits Road. It was already late in the afternoon with the sun heading west. It was the most beautiful moment to enjoy Grand Canyon.
Grand Canyon 
National Park Hermits Road 
Hermits Rest
Hermits Rest
After we checked in the in-park Yavapai Lodge, we did not waste any more time before we hpped into the shuttle bus circling the Hermits Road. Due to the lack of parking space here, visitors were not allowed to drive. The shuttle bus is free and convenient. This picture was taken at the terminal stop, Hermits Rest.
Grand Canyon 
National Park Hermits Road 
Mohave Point
Mohave Point
We got the best moment of the day. Under the setting sun, the Grand Canyon looked just beautiful.
Grand Canyon 
National Park Hermits Road 
Mohave Point
Mohave Point
We stayed in Hopi point for sunset. It was difficult to decide the best location for sunset. Anyway, I chose a spot facing the sun and took some pictures.
Hopi Point
After sunset we took shuttle bus back to Yavapai Lodge. In-park lodges offer great convenience and easy access to the park. If you plan to visit Grand Canyon, try to reserve a room with canyon view (which ours did not have). Nevertheless, we did enjoy our stay. Well, perhaps except for the so-so dinner in the market place.

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