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Angels Window  (Click for enlarged view 97K)
North Rim is about 1400 feet higher than the South. The view here is quite different from south.

"Although the South Rim and North Rim are only 10 miles apart as the raven flies, they are separated by more than 215 miles of road." as quoted from the National Park Service.

Since we can't fly, it took us quite a while to reach North Rim. We stopped by the visitor center and took a short break there. The scene there did not catch my eyes. The real treats, however, waited for us on the drive to Cape Royal.
Angels Window  (Click for enlarged view 121K)
Here is another view of Angels Window. And yes, those what look like ants in the picture are human.
Grand Canyon 
National Park North Rim 
Cape Royal
Cape Royal
aCape Royal is, well, a cape. Here you can have overlooking canyon view from a wide directions. All the pictures in this page (expect the Walhalla Overlook) were taken here. You will need to take a short walk from parking lot to Angels Window and Cape Royal.
Wotans Throne  (Click for enlarged view 115K)
It was not as crowded as the south, probably due to the long and winding drive. Yet the driving time spent was quite rewarding. The views here, especially in Cape Royal and Walhalla Overlook, were just breathtaking.

Grand Canyon 
National Park North Rim 
Wotans Throne
Wotans Throne
Another view of Wotans Throne.
Walhalla Overlook  (Click for enlarged view 191K)
Another view of Wotans Throne.
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