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Isle Royale National Park - Rock Harbor Lodge
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Isle Royale National Park Rock Harbor Lodge
Rock Harbor Lodge
This was where we stayed. Expensive, but excellent location.

In fact any place in the island is good. You just need to walk a short distance to get the breathtaking lakefront view. However, we still prefer a place where we can watch sunrise while lying on the bed. Our room was just a couple feet from the lake. If you are not in the mood to move, you can just open the window then sit down and enjoy the sound of waves.

Here is the contact information and their website : Rock Harbor Lodge, Isle Royale.
Isle Royale National Park Sunrise
Sunrise seen from the balcony.

We did appreciate the hospitality of the hotel staffs. They were kind and patient and glad to provide information and advises.

The open hours of the restaurant are very short. Be prompt unless you plan to cook by yourself. It is somewhat expensive. However, do consider the fees they have to pay to the park. One advise about the food : don't order trout. I don't know where the trouts come from but I can bet that they aren't from the island. Probably they were bought from some Michigan supermarket. Their steak is ok but chicken is delicious. Anyway, food was not the reason why we came here.

The way they served beer was very professional. They had at least six different local microbrews and they kept the glasses in the refrigerator. When served the glass was frosty and icy cold. My favorite was a microbrew black beer (porter ? I forgot the name and the brewer). It had strong flavor but not overwhelming. It did not taste bitter and the aftertaste was sweet. Quite refreshing after a 4-mile hiking.

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