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Isle Royale National Park - Copper Harbor
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Copper Harbor, before sunrise   (Click for enlarged view 68K)
Copper Harbor is not part of the national park. It is the departure point for the ferry Isle Royale Queen III to the park. We got here on 8/30/2004 night and found a motel close to the harbor. This was a quiet and nice location. Although it didn't have clear view for sunset, we knew that the sunrise could be magnificent.
Before Sunrise   (Click for enlarged view 35K)
The motel was just like any motel. However, the location was excellent. It was just 10 feets away from the harbor. The sunrise time here was very late. We got up at around 6:30 AM and walked out to the lakeside to wait for the sunrise.

Before Sunrise   (Click for enlarged view 36K)
There happened to be a flock of geese (or looms, I couldn't tell) swimming in the lake. The water and the air was so clear.

Sunrise   (Click for enlarged view 40K)
Sunrise was just like a fireball jumping out of the horizon. It was about 7:10 AM. The boat departed at 8:00 AM. Time for packing.

Copper Harbor Sunrise
Copper Harbor
One last glance at the looms before we left.

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