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Isle Royale National Park - Animal, Plant, Rock
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Isle Royale National Park Fox
We saw this fox at dusk. It did not want to get close to human but didn't seem to be frightened either. It was the only encounter with wild animal other than looms.
Isle Royale National Park Fox
The mooses and the wolves form a dynamic ecological system in this island. Wolves attack the old or weak moose to feed themselves. As a side effect the population of moose is under control so they won't deplete the food supply. The first moose swimmed to the island from Canada in early 20th century. The moose population began to increase as a result of ample food supply and no natural enemy. The population kept growing and the mooses almost depleted all the food in the island. Then a small pack of wolves crossed the ice bridge from Canada in the extremely cold winter of 1948. The natural balance was formed since then.

We did not see any moose during our short stay. We heard that someone hiked across the island and saw a dozen mooses during the four days trip.
Isle Royale National Park Isle Royale National Park
Isle Royale National Park Isle Royale National Park
We couldn't recognize these plants by name. They were seen along the trails. We learned that the soils of the island is actually very shallow. It's interesting that all kinds of plants, including a lot of trees, can be grown.
Isle Royale National Park Isle Royale National Park
Rock Rock
These rocks were exhibited in teh visitor center.

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