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Big Bend


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Lakes Tour - Day 2
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I-80 West to Toledo
I-75 North to Mackinah Bridge
Michigan Rt-2 West
Michigan Rt-41 North/West
   Copper Harbor

Day 2   Cleveland, Ohio to Copper Harbor, Michigan

About 700 to 800 miles distance, 12 to 13 hours drive.

We decided to take the Isle Queen III departed from Copper Harbor primarily due to its shortest riding time to Isle Royale. We were so glad that we made such decision. Otherwise we might jump out of the boat.
銅港 日落 Copper Harbor Sunset
Copper Harbor is a small but beautiful place. We got there before sunset. We decided that finding a lodge and a restaurant to eat should take priority and we didn't spend time to hunt for better sunset spots. However, just doing sight-seeing around the harbor was good enough.
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