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Joshua Tree

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Last Update : 2008/6/20
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This page provides quick links to our web pages that cover Frank Lloyd Wright's architectures.

Wright's buildings are characteristic. Most people could appreciate the structural beauty just by looking at the pictures. However, the conventional two dimension medias can just convey the skin deep beauty. You really have to be there to fully experience his design. The first Wright building I've been to was the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. It is anything but conventional. However, as a museum, it is probably one of the best design. The spiral walkway leading up makes it easy for visitors to watch the nuseum exhibition. It is especially convenient for the handicapped visitors for wheel chair access. The ceiling glass also has function far more than just decoration. It brings in the natural sun light that brighten the whole space. It makes me feel that the museum itself has blended into the art exhibition. You can easily tell that his design is human and function centric. The design itself should not be only for the sake of design.
Taliesin, Spring Green, Wisconsin
Oak Park, Chicago, Illinois
Robie House, Chicago, Illinois
Heller House, Chicago, Illinois

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