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Last Update : 2008/6/20
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Chicago Skyline Reflection
Chicago Skyline reflected from glass wall
Chicago Planetarium
Chicago Planetarium
The museum area of Grant Park is leisure and almost festival like. That day someone held a marriage party in the planetarium and the surrounding atmosphere was so pleasant and joyful. By the way, all the first three pictures were taken nearby the planetarium. The left-hand area of the building is pyramid like with glass wall. The party took place inside the hall overlooking the Chicago skyline.
Chicago Aquarium
Aquarium is just a short walk from the planetarium along the lake side. We didn't have chance to figure out the exhibition inside. The building is interesting : it has classical facades yet the rear of the building looks modern with steel frame and glass.
Harbor   (Click for enlarged view 49K)
There is a yacht harbor nearby the aquarium. Apparently a lot of people sail their boats in Superior Lake during day time. The lake is so big that we couldn't tell the difference from an ocean. However, the water is much clearer and cleaner without the typical smells of the sea.
Skyline seen from harbor   (Click for enlarged view 65K)
Skyline seen at night   (Click for enlarged view 39K)
It's definitely not our style to leave without seeing the night scene of downtown skyline, especially in such a perfect location. We sacrificed the opportunity of having a nice dinner and stayed. Even though we ended up in McDonald's for dinner, it was still worthwhile.

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