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Voyageurs National Park Duluth Minneapolis
MinnesotaVisits :
   Voyageurs National Park  |  Duluth  |  Minneapolis
Minnesota is claimed to be a state of 10000 lakes. During our stay we saw many people towing their boats here for fishing.

Voyageurs is to the north of the state adjacent to the boundary of Canada. It was our primary objective for the Great Lakes Tour. We have also visited Duluth and Minneapolis on our way.

Duluth is on the lake side. It is not big but very beautiful. The Great Lakes Aquarium here is the biggest fresh water aquarium. The exhibition is both entertaining and educational.

After leaving Duluth we went to Minneapolis. It was too late When we got there. The only things we saw were the hotel lobby and the restaurant. We had dinner at Manny's Steakhouse. This is one of the top ten steakhouse in US. So how did that taste ? Go on and read yourself.
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