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Last Update : 2008/6/20
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 Duluth Great Lakes Aquarium Visits :
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Bridge, DUluth
We got lost in DUluth downtown and didn't park in the Aquarium's parking lot. We passed this draw bridge and there happened to be a boat coming into the harbor.
Duluth Great Lakes Aquarium
Great Lakes Aqurium
The aquarium interior looked modern. A huge glass wall with falling water separated the hall and the exhibition area.

Duluth Great Lakes Aquarium Fish Tank
Fish Tank
Fresh water fishes usually don't look as colorful as their salt water cousins. We didn't have much experience with fresh water fish and the only one we knew (and ate recently) was Walleye. No wonder, we began to search it in the big tank.

Duluth Great Lakes Aquarium Fresh Water Sting Ray
Fresh Water Sting Ray
These are fresh water rays. I never know that the ray has fresh water version. They welcome the visitors to touch these rays. The skin felt rough like sand papers. However, the flesh seemed to be soft and spongy.

Duluth Great Lakes Aquarium Fly Traps Duluth Great Lakes Aquarium Loom
Fly Traps Loom
They exhibition also included plants and animals around the fresh water. They also have a special exhibition of an African fresh water fishes and animals.

Duluth Great Lakes Aquarium Fresh Water Turtle
Fresh Water Turtle
This aquarium also have a lot of interactive exhibition to explain the natural environment, ecological system and how the science studies were conducted. It's very educational. We saw a lot of children tried to operate these exhibited equipments with great enthusiasm. I believe that they will learn much more here than reading books. This is Great Lakes Aquarium Home Page. They also have Aquarium Virtual Tour with a lot of pictures and detailed description.

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