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Last Update : 2008/6/20
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 Minneapolis (Hyatt Regency Hotel, Manny's Steakhouse) Visits :
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I guess that we can not claim that we have been to Minneapolis. The only place we have been to is the hotel and the only things we have seen are the hotel lobby and the restaurant. Since we spent too much time in the aquarium, it was too late when we finally got to the city. The only viable thing to do was to have a nice dinner, and that's what we did.
Minneapolis Manny's Steakhouse
Manny's Steakhouse
Manny's Steakhouse is the top 10 (or top 5, depends on which organization's evaluation) steak house. It is inside the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Our experience with "steakhouse" is casual atmosphere (I didn't say that the cost is casual) so we just walked in without checking the dress code.

Minneapolis Manny's Steakhouse Porterhouse Minneapolis Manny's Steakhouse Bone-In Ribeye
Porterhouse Bone-In Ribeye
The way our waiter introduced the menu was an eye opener. He pushed a catering carter with all kinds of raw steaks as well as lamb, pork and a huge live lobster. Then he began to explain each of these in a very entertaining way. The portion looked huge so we just ordered 3 steaks for four adults.

Minneapolis Manny's Steakhouse
We ordered two porterhouse steaks (one medium and one medium rare) and a medium rare bone-in ribeye steak. The medium one seemed to have better taste. They prepared the steak precisely to what you ordered and the medium rare is truly pink/red inside.

The steaks were really nice. However, I still feel that the Peter Luger's in New York City is better.

Minneapolis Manny's Steakhouse Tiramisu
After we finished the red meat we decided to have some desert. We ordered an expensive Tiramisu (all deserts cost higher than $10) and found that they consistently have huge portion for anything. The sauce was very delicious, perhaps due to the liquor added.

Minneapolis Manny's Steakhouse
Outside of Manny's
I like this restaurant for its nice food and casual atmosphere. This link is Manny's Steakhouse Home Page and here is the Restaurant Menu.

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