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Last Update : 2008/6/20
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New Hampshire Flume Gorge
Flume Gorge
From this picture you could probably know how this place got the name. This is part of the Franconia Notch Satte Park to the west of White Mountain. The park includes forest, creeks, gorge, falls and scenic pools. It will take probably 2 to 3 hours to circle through the hiking trail in the forest. The park is relatively small but neatly compacted with a little bit of everuthing. It is not quite Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls per say, but very scenic. Hiking on the forest trail is also a nice and comfortable experience.
New Hampshire Flume Gorge
We came here on the first weekend of October. The foliage was far from the peak color at that time. It should be very beautiful by then but we didn't have chance to visit again.
New Hampshire Flume Gorge
This is... let me see, not the Falls. It was taken very closed to a small creek. The rocks were decorated with leaves which made the scene looked like autumn (and indeed it was autumn).
New Hampshire Flume Gorge Covered Bridge
Covered Bridge
I have only seen covered bridges in New England area. Covered bridges in the White Mountains are an integral part of the landscape. According to a tour book, it is a place to wait out a summer shower, or watch raging river waters swollen by the melting winter snow, or steal a kiss.

How romantic.
New Hampshire Flume Gorge Covered Bridge
Covered Bridge
Another covered bridge in the park.
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