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Great Sand Dunes

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Last Update : 2008/6/20
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Mt Washington   (Click for enlarged view 75K)
Mt Washington is part of the White Mountains. It is the Northeast's highest peak at 6288 feet. The weather here is very extreme. The annual average temperature at the summit is below freezing. The highest wind velocity ever recorded was 231 mph occured in April 1934. In fact, we have not reached the summit. The road condition was not safe enough near the summit due to snow accumulated so we were asked to turn around halfway.

Snow at mid October ? That's quite amazing. We did see snowing at the turnaround point.

This picture was taken at a pullout elevated about 3000 feet. The valley still looked faintly red though most of the leaves were gone.
Mt Washington   (Click for enlarged view 67K)
Similar spot seen from turnaround point elevated about 4000 feet. It looked like a volcano, right ?
New Hampshire Mt Washington
Mt Washington
Another high mountain seen from the turnaround point. Its summit was totally buried in the clouds.
New Hampshire Mt Washington
Mt Washington
The white spots were the accumulated snow. It felt like that we were driving inside the cloud. During our short stay we saw it began to snow. It was sooo cold with high speed wind that chilled to the bones.

The entrance fee to Mt Washington was somewhat expensive ($18 for driver plus $7 per passender) but the experience was very unique. As a gift comes with the ticket you will get a bumper sticker "This Car Climbed Mt. Washington" that your car can wear proudly.
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