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Last Update : 2008/6/20
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New Jersey Bull's Island
Bridge across Delaware River, Bull's Island Park
Bull's Island is a state park beside the D&R Canal and the Delaware River. It has a small dock for people to launch canoes. Other than a picnic area, there is not much other facilities in the park. The most interesting thing in the park is this pedestrian bridge across Delaware River to Pennsylvania.
New Jersey Bull's Island
Delaware River seen from the bridge
New Jersey Bull's Island Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron
We happened to see this blue heron standing on river bank for quite a long time. It really looked huge. We wished that we could see it fly but it was just standing there all the time.
New Jersey Historical Mills
Historical mills
These mills are not in the Bull's Island park but very close to it. They are located just a couple miles south. The age of these buildings are over 100 years yet they were preserved in very good condition.
New Jersey Historical Mills
Historical Mills
New Jersey Historical Mills
Historical Mills
I felt that these tall buildings on river bank were very characteristic.
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