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New Jersey D&R Canal
Delaware and Raritan Canal
Delaware and Raritan Canal is in central Jersey. The canal is no longer function as a canal although it still looked like a river. Along the bank is the trail for people to hike or bicycling. There are also a lot people canoeing in the canal in summer time.
New Jersey D&R Canal
The headquarter of D&R Canal state park is just a couple miles from our home. It is very scenic on the way to Princeton along the canal. There are not too many houses along the road and not much traffic. Driving along the road is like passing through a green tunnel made of trees.

The state park has also preserved some canal related relics such as the sites of canal watcher's houses.
New Jersey D&R Canal Griggstown
Griggstown is just a couple miles south of park headquarter. There is canoe rental service here. Along the canal are several parking sites like this for the visitors to park their cars and begin the hiking.
New Jersey D&R Canal Griggstown
New Jersey Princeton University
Princeton University Boathouse
The canal becomes wider when it reaches Princeton. The picture shows the boathouse of Princeton University. We happened to see the Princeton students practicing on the canal.
New Jersey Princeton University
Bridge above the canal in Princeton
This bridge across the canal is in the campus of Princeton University. The D&R Canal Park is such a charming place that it certainly deserve a visit.
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