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Last Update : 2008/6/20
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New Jersey Duke Island Park
Duke Island Park is a county park nearby our home. It is really not famous and the scene is just like any park by the river. However, it has a lot of facilities that make it a nice place for the whole family to enjoy.
New Jersey Duke Island Park
We got here in the late afternoon. While our daughter enjoyed her time in the playground I took a stroll along the riverside.
New Jersey Duke Island Park
We saw a flock of geese resting on the lawn inside the park. Although we have seen geese often enough in this area, it is still quite a pleasant scene. Our daughter got so excited and ran over to see them and scared them.
New Jersey Duke Island Park
We have also seen a group of about a dozen deers in the park. Deers are also often seen here but we ahve never seen such a big group. The one with beautiful horns in the picture seemed to be the leader of the groupand all others followed its steps.
New Jersey Duke Island Park
I guess that they went here to find food and water as it was already dusk. It looked so quiet and peaceful. Of course our daughter got so excited again.
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