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New Jersey Frenchtown
Bridge across Delaware River, Frenchtown
Frenchtown is a small town in the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. There is a bridge across Delaware River connecting the traffic. It is a lovely town full of galleries and antique stores.
New Jersey Frenchtown
A Gallery
The stores are all elegantly decorated with attractive merchandises. It's a pleasure to stroll from one store to another.

This store was quite an eye-opener on the street.
New Jersey Frenchtown
Some of the names of the stores are either in French or related to French. Like the one on the left of the picture: Pardon my French. It's so funny.
New Jersey Frenchtown
Although most of the buildings here are rather common, the shop owners spent a lot of efforts in exterior decoration and have painted the buildings in all kinds of colors. It is quite pleasant just by walking along the street.
New Jersey Frenchtown
An elegant furniture store.
New Jersey Frenchtown
An elegant furniture store.
New Jersey Frenchtown
Local young artists
We visited Frenchtown a couple days before Halloween and happened to see the local high school students painting the windows of the stores with Halloween motives. These young artists were very busy and concentrated in their own creation. It's such a lovely activity.
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