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Last Update : 2008/6/20
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Vermont Woodstock
We passed by Woodstock on our way to New Hampshire. We did not plan to make a stop here. In fact we didn't even know the name before we come here. We saw a lot of visitors on the street and it seemed to be an interesting place. Therefore we stop for lunch and did what tourists should do - taking pictures.
Vermont Woodstock
There are a lot of galleries in this small town. Some had paintings and some had potteries on exhibition. They are all created by local artists. We casually strolled into some galleries and found that the price tags were not casual at all. Although we didn't buy anything, it was still quite pleasing just by looking at the exhibition.
Vermont Woodstock
This town is very buautiful. All the storekeepers spent a lot of efforts in decoration. Vermont is a state full of trees. This town looks as if it was built in the center of woods and there are big trees everywhere. Although the foliage has not turned red when we visited, we can just imagine how beautiful it would be.
Vermont Farm
We saw this farm after we passed Woodstock. It was on top of a hill just beside the road. What caught our eyes were the sheeps and cows. Then we noticed that they were too small (and shiny) to be real. Yes, they were stuff animals and looked just like real from a distance.
Vermont Farm
Stuff animal cows. Aren't they looked real ?
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