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Last Update : 2008/6/20
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Saguaro National Park - West
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Saguaro National Park
Saguaro was not in our plan. In fact, I did not even do any research during planning. I insisted to visit the park so we could claim that we have been to all National Parks in Arizona.
Saguaro National Park
The whole mountains of saguaro cacti.
Saguaro National Park
Saguaro National Park
We then found, after arrived, that this park is all about cactus. In fact, Saguaro is the name of high cactus grown here. Park ranger told us that Saguaro is habitat in Sonoran desert and this area (nearby Tucson) is almost the north boundary of where it can live, because it is too cold. He also told us that the day we visited was cool. We bursted into laugh because we knew that the temperature outside was around 102ºF. The temperature at night time can and does drop sharply in the desert though.
Saguaro National Park
Saguaro National Park
By the way, the visitor center has a fantastic slide show with great pictures and music. If you visit, make sure to watch it.
Saguaro National Park
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