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Shenandoah National Park - Skyline Drive
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Shenandoah National Park Skyline Drive
Shenandoah Valley at late autumn
We recently vicited Shenandoah in late October 2004. It had already passed the peak of foliage scene but the forest down the valley still looked colorful. The picture was taken at a view point on center of the park which had a typical overlooking view.
Shenandoah National Park Skyline Drive
The weather was not so good that day. However, the clouds shading the valley and the scene made the view more profound.
Shenandoah National Park Skyline Drive
A very beautiful view. Range of mountains to the horizon shaded under the clouds made it look like a Chinese painting which emphasizes not just the accuracy of how a scene looked like, but also the mood and how the painter felt about the scene.
Shenandoah National Park Skyline Drive
Sea of clouds
Another view that looks like Chinese painting.
Range of mountains   (Click for enlarged view 32K)
The cloud and sun highlighted the edge of mountains which made the depth of the picture extend to far away. It is one of my favorite pictures in Shenandoah.
Shenandoah National Park Skyline Drive
Houses down the valley
Overlooking from a view point north of Shenandoah park.
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