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Blue Ridge Parkway - North Carolina
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Blue Ridge Parkway
This is the south end of the Blue Ridgre Parkway. It is nearby the Oconaluftee entrance of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
Blue Ridge Parkway
Blue Ridge Parkway looks foggy and smoky during bad weather. The mountains did look blue indeed. We thought that we could not see clearly without realizing the visibility in higher elevation (like Mount Pisgah, 5720 feet) was virtually non-exist.
Blue Ridge Parkway
There are signs set up by national park to describe the historical importance of certain view points.
Blue Ridge Parkway
Another spot with clear view overlooking the mountains and buildings in the valley.
Blue Ridge Parkway
We saw this beautiful spot nearby Asheville. With clouds above and below us, the mountains revealed the most beautiful of their face.
Blue Ridge Parkway
Same spot as above with slightly different angle and focal length.
Blue Ridge Parkway
We saw this wild turkey strolling leisurely on the road. Without much hesitation, we pulled out and began to take pictures. The turkey was shy and kept running away into deep woods.

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