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Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Clingmans Dome
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Great Smoky Mountains National Park Clingmans Dome
Clingmans Dome
Clingmans Dome is the highest point in Great Smoky Mountain area with elevation of 6643 feet. The road to here is branched from Newfound Gap road winding more than 10 miles in the mountains. Judging from the picture you probably know how the weather was when we visited. There was virtually no visibility at all and I can barely see the direction where the road leaded to. We were not supposed to come here because there was nothing much we could see anyway. However, we felt that going somewhere would be better than staying in the hotel with nothing to do. Anyway, the foggy view had its own style and was pretty nice.
Great Smoky Mountains National Park Clingmans Dome
The well paved trail from parking lot to the summit is actually not too long. However, the half-mile (or even shorter) sharp ascending walk had made us exhausted and we had to make short stops to rest in the middle. Finally we strived to the top and realized that the rain and wind was more fierceful than ever with no place for us to hide.

They built an observation platform with ascending ramp leading to it so visitors can have clear views with no obstacles. Well, when weather permits, that is. Of course there was nothing much for us to see under such weather.
Great Smoky Mountains National Park Clingmans Dome
You won't be able to tell (or believe) where it is without the plate illustrated the name and picture of the mountains. Disappointed as I was, I realized how Great SMoky Mountain got its name.

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