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Last Update : 2008/6/20
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Voyageurs National Park - Animal
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Voyageurs National Park Swimming Black Bear
Swimming Black Bear
The captain and park ranger spotted this black bear swimming toward an island nearby during our boat tour to Kettle Falls. We found that it was a young cub after it reached the island.

This was not the first time we saw a bear. However, it definitelt was the first time we saw a swimming bear and I doubted if we can see another one soon.
Voyageurs National Park Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle
Seen during the tour. It was too far away and couldn't be seen clearly in the picture. It was the first time we saw a bald eagle. Correction : it was the first time we saw a dozen of bald eagles.

Voyageurs National Park Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle
These pictures were part of the exhibition in the Rainy Lake visitor center. Original pictures were taken by a park staff in 2002. While boarding a seaplane he saw these two bald eagles fighting on the water. It was interesting and should be very rare. I think that the national park should post these pictures in their web site.

VoyageursNational Park Gray Wolf
Gray Wolf
Exhibition of Kabetogama Lake visitor center. Wolf is rarely seen by human.

VoyageursNational Park Moose
Exhibition of Rainy Lake visitor center.

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