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Last Update : 2008/6/20
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Voyageurs National Park - Ash River
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Voyageurs National Park Ash River
Ash River Visitor Center
Our first stop in the park was the Ash River visitor center. We talked to park staff (in fact, he is a volunteer) and seeked advises. He suggested that we should attend the boat tour. We still had time before the scheduled departure so we strolled around the lake.
Voyageurs National Park Ash River
Lake side
Our first impression of the water was "so clean, so blue".

Voyageurs National Park Ash River
It looked similar to Isle Royale. Perhaps one major difference is the size of the lake. In Isle Royale the water looked endless. Here we could easily see the shore line across the lake. There were also more visitors here and many more boats in the lake.

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