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Last Update : 2008/6/20
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Voyageurs National Park - Kettle Falls
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Voyageurs National Park Kettle Falls
Kettle Falls Hotel
I have no idea how it got the name. I didn't see any falls around and the only place you could find a kettle was in the hotel.

This was the destination of the tour. We took a break here and had dinner in the restaurant. The local favorite was Walleye. I had the "Fish and Chips" style fried Walleye fillet for dinner. It was very delicious.

This is what a Walleye looked like:


Walleye has very low fat thus lacks the "fishy" smells of normal fish. It is very popular among the health-conscious people. Walleye is also a very popular game fish. A lot of people come here just for fishing the Walleyes.
Voyageurs National Park Kettle Falls
Bar of the hotel. Note the tilted floor.

Voyageurs National Park Kettle Falls
The hotel uses its antique collections to decorate the interior. It looked as if we had just traveled back in time.

In case you are interested in this hotel, this is their link : Kettle Falls Hotel.

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